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How long have you been overweight? How many Diets have you tried? How many pills or magic teas have you used?

“I could only guess that your answers are something like this. I have been overweight to long and I have tried everything!!!”

If this sounds like you and you are tired of all the BS claims about this is the magic diet or pill that is going to finally get you to your ideal weight, than you have come to the right place. We specialize in Weight Loss In Spartanburg SC.

If you’re looking for the next best diet or magic pill, than you should STOP reading this now, because this isn’t it.

We will teach you how to finally lose Body Fat and get to your ideal weight. You will learn how to do this naturally and how to keep it off.

Maybe you have had some success in the past, but after you take 6 steps forward, it seems like you’re taking 8 steps back. This stops now! Dad's, get rid of that Dad Bod now!
Weight loss in Spartanburg SC

You have to understand that your body is complex and that it takes science to run it like a well oiled machine, and when it is fine tuned, it will be running smooth forever. Our weight loss in Spartanburg SC program is just what you need!

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What Is Included in the Weight Loss Program?

Initial Evaluation: This evaluation will allows us to go over your current health, medications, goals and current lifestyle habits.

Weight Loss Education: Weight loss is a science and if you're not educated about how weight loss works, you are set up for failure. Our education program is set up for your success.

Diet: We develop a diet that is more than just what to eat, but when to eat as well.

Weekly Evaluations: We will be evaluating your progress on a weekly basis, keep you accountable and support your weight loss efforts.

Long Term Success: We will get you to your goal and teach you how to stay there.

Exercise Plan: We develop an exercise plan that fits your skill level and that you find enjoyable.

Our Weight Loss In Spartanburg SC Program Helps With The Following:

    1. Obesity In Spartanburg SC
    2. Muffin Tops In Spartanburg SC
    3. Dad Bods In Spartanburg SC
    4. Heart disease and stroke In Spartanburg SC
    5. High blood pressure In Spartanburg SC
    6. Diabetes In Spartanburg SC
    7. Cancer In Spartanburg SC
    8. Gallbladder disease and gallstones In Spartanburg SC
    9. Osteoarthritis In Spartanburg SC
    10. Gout In Spartanburg SC
    11. Breathing problems In Spartanburg SC
    12. and more...

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What is the cost of your weight loss program?

The 1st month is only $100.00 and then it's only $35.00 a month after that.