Traditional Kung Fu Training

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu has no belt levels.  Belt colors and levels were developed in the late 1800’s in the Japanese styles and were adopted into almost every style of martial arts to show a visible sign of a student’s progress. We only have 2 belt levels, Yellow and Black.

The traditional way of Kung Fu training in China is slow and steady.  Being skilled in what you are learning before you learn something new.  The student will spend months on one technique before moving on to a new one.

In our traditional training you will be required to be skilled in each technique before you move onto the next. It requires the student to be dedicated, motivated, focused and have a desire to practice outside of class.

There is no time frame for testing between Chamber levels. You test from one Chamber level to the next when your instructor feels you are skilled enough to be tested. View our ranking system!!

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Today!

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Today!