Hectic training means you will not be able to walk properly after the workout. This is a pretty common issue which is the reason you will see people struggling for the first few weeks and then after the workout for at least a few hours. In most cases, instructors will tell you different ways to ease the pain, however, when you are a beginner trying to work out on your own, things get a little challenging. Before jumping right into a good workout routine, it is very important to know why you will feel muscle strain right after an intense workout.

When you start working out, your muscles might never have been used for such intense training so eventually, they have lost their strength and power. When you work out, these muscles have to face wear and tear due to extreme workout as the muscle fibers get damaged during the workout. Now, these muscle fibers that have been shredded and damaged during the workout will cause an extreme burning sensation and you will feel aches all over the body. Eventually, with a good diet and daily workout, you will be able to speed up the healing process and these muscle fibers will be replaced with new muscle fibers.

With the help of this article, we will help you with a simple post-workout routine that can help you improve the healing process speed as well as offer you instant relief. In most cases, you might have to wait for at least a few days to ease the pain but with the right post-workout routine you will see instant relief in pain as the body gets into the recovery phase faster.  

5 Tips to Ease the Pain and Relax After Intense Training

Cold shower

After a workout, you will feel extreme heat and your skin will be irritated. To soothe the skin and ease the pain, start with a cold shower. This will instantly bring your body temperature down and eventually you will also feel that the pain has decreased. This is very important right after a workout.


Massage is a very simple yet effective thing to add to your routine. Although most people avoid it you need to learn some basic techniques before you start practicing it. Moreover, keep in mind that unless your hands are not washed properly and you don’t know what kind of motion you need to try, this can make the process painful.

Over the counter medicine for inflammation

Over-the-counter medication is pretty common and this can give you instant relief, however, this can be used only in extreme conditions when you are feeling unbearable pain. However, if you want to add it to your daily routine, this will not be very suitable for you.

Drink water

Hydration will trigger recovery faster. In most cases after sweating too much the impact is unbearable so drinking water should be the first thing that you need to add right after you are done with the workout.


Finally, take at least 30 minutes of rest and make sure you stretch before you start resting. This will help you open up your muscles and when you rest this will trigger the recovery.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, although the process is very painful, it is equally rewarding. If starting an extreme workout you might face extreme pain and muscles throbbing after you start the workout but this should not stop here. You need to know how you will be using your post-workout routine to trigger the recovery phase as well as ease the pain. Your post-workout routine should not only consist of pain soothing techniques but also a good power-packed diet along with simple ways to trigger the recovery so you can get back to the intense training right the next day.