Stress and anxiety are a pretty normal part of our lives. This is due to the hectic routine that most functional people will have, usually because of study or work, or both. You may even require home care assistance. However, stress and anxiety can become very overwhelming and strain our mental and physical conditions. If prolonged for too long, these can cause conditions to develop. For example, many hearts and breathing conditions have links to anxiety. 

There are many ways you may have tried to calm your anxiety which didn’t work out. This could be anything from a walk to watching shows. We’re here to tell you that there is another way to help you calm your anxiety: meditation music. Listening to music during meditation can help increase relaxation as it gives you a focal point to give yourself into while meditating. Here are the top 10 meditation music that can help calm your anxiety.

1. Weightless by Marconi Union

Weightless is a song that the English band Marconi Union made, working alongside sound therapists to develop an anxiety-reducing song. Among the participants, researchers noted that 65 percent of them felt a reduction in their stress. The song consists of tones with natural sounds that help to create a hypnotic song. This makes it perfect as meditation music.

2. Mozart

Classical music tends to make excellent relaxation music, and who better to listen to than the best of the best, Mozart. Mozart is known as the most gifted musician in classical music and has created various compositions in music. Alongside his almost mathematical precision, you have music that is exceptionally pleasing to the ears that you can easily give into while meditating.

3. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are when the frequency of a beat is different in one ear compared to the other ear. According to research conducted when they stimulated participants with these beats, they reported a decrease in their total mood disturbance, including decreased anxiety, fatigue, and tension.

4. Delta Waves

Delta waves are part of the binaural beat playlist but stand out because they can help with meditation and sleeping. They are slow, low-frequency brain waves that are part of our brain activity. When listening to beats with the same frequency, the brain can attune to them and slowly go into a deep state of relaxation.

5. Electra by Airstream

Electra is a relaxing song with mid-range frequencies and beat rate that matches the optimal resting heart rate. It has a more hip-hop beat, which could be perfect for meditating if you are uncomfortable with other genres. You can even use it in yoga, where movement is involved.

6. Music for Yoga Meditation by Tony Scott

After taking trips throughout Southeast Asia, Tony Scott released this music and ended up in a Hindu Temple in Japan. This inspired him to release this album after he returned to America, where he played the clarinet across sitar music, collaborating with local artists. These ten tracks will be ideal for meditating too.

7. Pop by GAS

Inspired by a trip to a forest known for its meditative properties, Voigt created this song for his Gas project. The song consists of forest sounds that include bird trills, gurgling rivers, and turning into beats as if from within tree trunks. This tribute to the forest is a great way to visualize a walk through the forest and help you during meditation.

8. Clouds by Craig Kupka

Clouds consist of music perfect for relaxing and meditating during quiet hours that one finds in their hectic routines. It is an excellent non-Eastern alternative to meditation music using slow, non-rhythmic beats that are great for letting your mind go. It uses wind chimes, bells, bass guitar, and other instruments.

9. 432Hz Miracle Tone

The tone 432Hz is related to positive healing that can help release emotional blockages within us. This track makes use of this tone that you can use during any meditation practice. This encourages us to breathe slowly with a decreased heart rate that can help us feel relaxed and less anxious.

10. Whale Sounds

Whales are curious creatures whose moans have been known to have relaxing effects. For example, it has been noted to help stop babies from crying. They tend to belong and slow, with many pitches in a repeated pattern that can help soothe the mind. There is plenty of whale sound music that can help you go into a meditative state.

In conclusion

Meditation music can help ease your anxiety by releasing your mind from the real world. We have listed a vast range of music and sounds that you can use to relax from your worldly troubles. We hope you find some ease and benefit from this article in your meditation practices.