In this post I will go over some common and maybe some not so common Taijiquan terms. It is important to learn and understand these terms during your Taijiquan Journey.

Taiji: Supreme or Grand Ultimate
Quan: Fist
Qi: Energy or Life Force
Wuji: State of nothingness or stillness
Yin and Yang: Common referred to as opposites like Female and Male, Soft and Hard or Yielding and Advancing.
Chin Na: Seize and Hold or control
Dan Tian: Energy Center. Lower, Middle and Upper
Fa jin: Issue Power
Jing: An expression of energy
Nei Gong: Internal Work
Push Hands / Tui shou: Taijiquan sparring
Yi: Mindfulness Movements in Tai Chi are lead by our intention
Song: Relax, Release
Ting: Listen, To sense, feel or pay attention to
Kua: Hips
Yao: Waist
Shen: Spirit also Body
Song Shen Wu Fa: Release Body or Spirit 5 Ways
Peng: Ward off
Lu: Rollback
Ji: Press / Squeeze
An: Push
Tsai: Pluck
Lieh: Split
Zhou: Elbow
Kao: Shoulder