Other Fee’s

What other fee’s are involved in my training?

  1. Weapons: When you get to the sash level that involves weapons training, you are required to purchase the weapon to train with.  This usually costs about $50.00 per weapon and there are 4 weapons that will be trained during your progression to black sash.
  2. Sparing Gear: If and when you are ready for sparing you may need to purchase sparing gear.
  3. Black Sash testing fee: The Black Sash test takes a full 24 hours to complete. You will be tested on all 21 Chambers as well as your fitness and endurance. Oh and of course your fighting applications.  The fee for testing is $100.00.  This is for the testing evolution, Official Black Sash Certification and Black Sash.

Those are the only 3 additional costs!!