Notes for new Students

  1. Having a notebook is important in your learning, so make sure you bring it to each class. In most cases with the amount of information that is gone over at each class, it is hard to remember it. A lot of times it ends up going in one ear and out the other. When we write things down, it tells our brains that the information is important, it is telling our brain to file the information and note to discard it.
  2. What is Tai Chi or Taiji? Tai Chi stands for Grand Ultimate. When you see Taijiquan, Quan stands for fist. It is also a concept of the flux between Yin and Yang. It helps cultivate better spiritual, mental and physical health. It involves Specific movements, Body mechanics, philosophies, forms, push hands and more. 
  3. Family: We are all a Taiji Family, so we need to treat each other as such. We help each other grow spiritually, mentally and physically. We do don't tear each other down, we lift each other up.
  4. Martial greeting is used to show respect to each other. Students will respect each other and their teachers. Please use one of the 3 martial greetings when 1st coming in contact with each other or your teacher.
  5. Chinese Culture: In order to feel more in line with the Chinese art of Taiji, it is important to use some of their culture, like using their words. We will be learning some of the common words of Taiji as we grow in the art.
  6. Practice: Each student should practice at home so they can grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Practicing at home is part of your life long Taiji journey.
  7. Testing: Why do we test in school? To make sure we are retaining what we learn. In order to make sure you are retaining what you learn we will be having small tests to make sure you are ready to learn more. This is not meant to bring anyone down, in fact this is meant to lift you up.
  8. Class Notes; Each days topics of discussion will be posted to the blog section of our website, so that you can refer to them if you missed something.
  9. Training videos will be posted on our Youtube channel. Just go to
  10. At times you may receive video links that are specifically for you alone to help you with your training.
  11. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please don't be afraid to bring them up in class or to a teacher.

Martial Morality