Martial Arts In Gaffney SC

Come join the only Chinese Martial Arts school in Gaffney SC.

Northern Shaolin Long Fist

The Northern Shaolin style of kung fu is one of the most prominent traditional northern styles of Chinese martial arts in Gaffney SC. The northern styles of kung-fu generally emphasize long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness, agility, and aggressive attacks.

The system teaches empty-hand techniques and weaponry through predetermined combinations, known as forms, routines, or movement of sets. The students learn the basics by practicing the routines until the movements in the routines can be executed naturally based on instinct. The practice sets/routines are not only practical in applications but are also graceful and artistic in nature.

Martial arts in Gaffney SC
Kung Fu in Gaffney SC

Northern Shaolin Kids Kung Fu

New Life Kung Fu is happy to offer the only Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu program in Gaffney.

We are now excepting new students for our Black Sash program.

Your child will learn Self Discipline, Self Confidence, a yes I can attitude and learn how to focus. With an increased focus you will also see better school grades.

Our classes include both hand and weapons techniques. Classes are only $10.00 per class.

Northern Shaolin Adults Kung Fu

The Northern Shaolin style was made famous by the late Gu Yu-jeung. Many legends tell of Gu's feats; according to tales related by his close students, Gu's father was an accomplished exponent of the Tan Tui ("springing leg") form. When he was young, Gu traveled throughout Northern China to learn all the northern kung fu systems. He was renowned for his Iron Palm techniques and the application of the long spear. He organized all his learnings into what is today's Northern Shaolin style.

Our adult classes are the same price as our kids classes, only $10.00 per class.

Chinese martial arts in Gaffney SC

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