Is loosing weight easy?? YES and NO When we say easy, we mean that the steps are easy to follow. Just 3 steps for most people is all it take, but actually following the steps is not so easy and that's what we mean when we say it's NOT EASY.

So here are the 3 Steps to loose weight. Looks easy enough right, but the challenge is consistency!

1. Have the desire to follow a set plan. This one is very important. Someone can set up a plan for you or you can find one online, but if you can't follow it, you will never reach your goal.
2. Eat only the required # of calories your body needs to loose weight. Find out what your body needs as far as calories go. This is based on your Age, Weight, Height and Activity Level.
3. Follow a set HIIT workout. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is important. You need a set workout that causes your heart rate to rise and makes you sweat.

Here are some additional things to consider. Drink lots of water. Make water your main liquid source. Get rid of everything else. Fruit juices and sweet drinks are calories that count toward your daily count. Would you rather eat your calories or drink them? I would rather eat them lol. Try to drink from .75 - 2 Gallons of water everyday.

Join a support group. This one is important. You must post in the group everyday what you did. This will keep you accountable. I invite you to join my group here.

Also take pictures of yourself during your journey. It will show your progress, because without pictures it will be hard to see how your body is changing.

I will be covering HIIT workout in another post, but you are more than welcome to join the group and ask for a good one.

Thanks for reading this post and be sure to come back soon!

Have a Blessed Day!