1. We went over New student notes, which can be found here >> NewLifeKungFu.com/new
  2. We went over Ji Ben Gong and those videos can be found here >> Ji Ben Gong Videos
  3. We talked about the Ji Ben Gong set being the 1st test, so be sure to practice this so you can test out of it.
  4. We discussed Yi, Qi, Shen. Yi commands Qi, Qi commands Shen
  5. We learned vital breathing, building the ball and sending the Qi to our Dantien
  6. We practiced expanding our Fascia and Joints with pulling and pushing exercises.
  7. We discussed Electric and Magnetic forces.
  8. We practiced our 1st partner drill for working on Ting Jin, Listening Jin

It was a great class and it was great to welcome D to out Taiji Family.