1. In today's class you tested on Ji Ben Gong
  2. We then covered Song Shen Wu Fa 1 - 5. Begin practicing this more regularly. Refer to the Tan Tui playlists on YT to remember the moments.
  3. We discussed Yi, Qi, Shen and how Yi commands Qi and Qi commands body.
  4. We discussed Vital breathing and building your Qi ball.
  5. We discussed Electric and Magnetic force and how to pull and push the Fascia and Joints during your movements.
  6. We worked on developing Ting through the pulling and pushing partner exercise. Remember we discussed building your Peng Jin.
  7. We covered 7 point push and not yielding without applied force.

Great job today, class was a ball. We covered a lot and I hope these notes help with your practice.