To answer the question is Tai Chi A Master Art, Yes Tai Chi is a Martial Art.

The problem is that most people who do Tai Chi do it for health and wellness and not to learn how to fight. Tai Chi has many fighting applications build into the moves. So many in fact that it is near impossible to learn them all.

I know you have seen around the internet some Tai Chi Master getting beat up by an MMA fighter. The problem is, they know their Tai Chi but don't practice their timing and speed. When it comes to fighting it is important to know the following.

1. Know your techniques.
2. Know how to use them in a fight
3. Have the speed and timing down so that you can actually time your moves in a real world situation.

If you are a Tai Chi practitioner, be sure to take the time to learn how to use the moves you are learning. It is a martial art after all and who knows, someday it may save your life.

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