So you want to be good a something, be it working from home, getting better grades or Kung Fu. Well the answer is practice. If you want to make money from home than you need to perfect your social and marketing skills. You want to get better grades, than you need to study and read more. You want to get better at Kung Fu than you need to practice more.

You can't get better at anything if you only do it once a week. You need to do it everyday. It needs to become part of your lifestyle.

If you don't believe me watch the video below. Here is a 5 year old kid that can perform Bruce Lee's famous Nunchaku scene. Do you think he is able to do this without practice, NO Way. He is committed to his martial arts. Not only is he good at the Nunchaku scene, but he has perfected his kicks and punches as well.

Enjoy the video!!