Let me ask you two questions.

  1. Is attending a class once a week enough?
  2. Is the class you attend once a week for practice or to learn new skills?

To answer #1 Attending a class once a week is enough if you can retain what you learned and can practice it until you attend your next class. However most people forget what they learn from one class to the next. That is why it is important to have videos of what you have learned to reference when you can't remember what it is you learned.

We have videos on our site of what we teach in class so that you can reference what you have learned and practice it between classes. If you are a student of New Life Kung Fu and you don't have access to the training videos, than you need to let us know so that we can get you access. It is important to practice what you learned correctly.

It's more beneficial to know one movement well than to know a hundred movements partially. Focus on each movement like it's the only one. In ancient China, students would practice a single movement for years. We are not saying you need to practice one thing for years, but practice a movement until you can perform it with minimal errors.

To answer #2 The class you attend once a week is to learn new stuff, or to correct your current skill or skills. It is not to just practice. Yes we go over previously learned skills to keep them fresh, but when you attend class it is more for learning than practicing.

What's my point you may be asking? My point is this. You come to class to learn and you practice what you learn outside of class. If you want to be good or even great at Kung Fu you must Practice, Practice, Practice.

Our online courses give you short, easy to follow lessons that can be practiced immediately. When you have five minutes to watch a video and do some practice, that small lesson will sink in and be committed to memory. Repeating it that day or on consecutive days will result in an increased memory of the teaching.

Keep practicing and God Bless!