Our story begins with Jedi Master Connercan reaching out to Bao Darach.  Connercan was let by the force to reach out to Bao.

Hello Bao, I have had a vision that you have been having unfamiliar feelings as of late. I was wondering if you would like to meet so we can talk about these feelings?

Bao awoke from his slumber in a cold sweat. The room was dark and murky, save for the light of his comm unit that indicated he had received a new message. "Great"...he muttered under his breath as he reached across the bed to his night-side table. He figured it had something to do with work. His life changed however, the moment he hit playback on the message.....

Bao intermediately crabbed his comm and send the stranger a message. How did you get my personal comm number?

Connercan just got back from his run when he heard his comm chiming. He was excited when he saw the message from Bao and had to reply right away.

Well Bao I am so glad you asked that question. Every morning I go for a 10 mile run, which is a nice workout for most, but the last 2 miles is an all out sprint. As you can imagine this pretty much wears you out. In order to regenerate my body and mind after this 10 mile run I go down into my bunker to meditate. I really enjoy this time of meditation, because it always renews the Body, Mind and Soul. During this mornings meditation I had a vision that told me to reach out to you. I was very excited as this has never happened to me before. As I meditated deeper and deeper numbers started to come to me and then a name. Again I was so excited and the only thing I could think of was they have to be a comm number, so I decided to reach out to you.

Bao if your willing, I would like for you to travel to the planet of Tattooine and punch in these coordinates 5632 6015

Travel there and see if you have any sort of feeling. A feeling like you haven't felt before. Let me know if your up to this and if so report back to me on how you felt.

Bao thought long and hard about what the man had told him. It had been a long time since he had been to Tattooine, and then he only stayed in the Starport to pick up a shipment. He had heard bad things about Tattooine outside of the Imperial controlled Bestine, and he knew nothing of the area that the man had spoken of. Still, he had an open pit in his stomach as he listened to the man's words over and over again. He felt it to, there was no denying that. A lot of thoughts were running through his head as he lay in the bed, the sweat still rolling down his body in beads. What was all this about....

Connercan just finished his morning run and began to meditate. While Meditating he realized that he had not heard from Bao after his last Comm message. He began to wonder if Bao had taken the trip to Tattooine. He did not want to message Bao again, because he wanted Bao to be the next one to communicate if he was lead to do so through the force.

Not wanting to give up on Bao, he decide to meditate deeper and try to reach out with the force. Much to his surprise he was able to sense Bao through the force and decided to give him a small nudge through the force to see if he could feel it.

He though if he could feel it, he would be compelled to make the journey to Tattooine and then maybe reach out to him.

Bao climbed the sandy cliffs cautiously, one hand gripping over the other as he scaled the cliffs. The warm Tattooine sand grazed his face as he neared the summit. Every inch he moved closer to the goal brought on new feelings of power, peace, and ability. Once he finally was able to pull himself up over the precipice, what he saw before him was unlike anything he had seen before. There before he was an Ancient Jedi statue, he assumed, with two spires to either side. Some sort of arcane lightning was buzzing throughout the air in wild tendrils. Bao approached it cautiously, and though he knew he should be nervous, he was at complete peace. He slowly reached out with his hand and touched the base of the statue and immediately was thrown the ground, his body gripped by the Force. A Quickening was occurring in him, and all of the sensations that he had long since assumed to be dormant were open to him now. A thousand voices from the past echoed out to him in the present, and though he tried to stand, he could not. He did not understand what was happening, only that his body was alive with the Force, it was with him, inside of him, stretching from the tips of his toes to the top of his vestigial horns. He tried to speak, to call out for help to someone, but he could not. He was in the grip of the Force, and it was strong on him.

While Bao was in the grip of the Force, he saw it about him, and all around him. He could detect the smallest living mammal scurrying around the rocks. He could sense the massive Krayt Dragons that were over the hill, their hearts beating inside of their chests, their "pearls" sitting in the pit of their gullets. The birds in the sky were now colorful spectrum's, their screeches and caws like artistic, visible waves of colors across the barren emptiness of Tattooine. And then there was the pain...the pain of battles fought long ago, the dead on the battlefield and the suffering that they incurred. He could sense it all, and it pulled his soul in different directions, almost to the point of making him sick. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, trying to filter the Force as best he could.

Try as he might, the best he could do was only focus it slightly, and even that took great effort. His body and muscles ached as though he were wrestling an unseen presence...it was the Force he knew. He fell to his knees, his hands at his side as he took in deep breaths, one after the other, his eyes closed, his teeth gritted. All of the feelings that he had been experiencing before were now coalesced in this experience, and the questions that he had he could be answered by the one who sent him....instinctively, Bao called out to him, though his lips did not move...."Teach me how to control this.....how to focus...this. Please." His thoughts were quickened, his mind sharp as he tried to put into words what he was feeling...."This....this is the Force? It's flowing through me, I can feel it. I can feel your presence here...I can feel everyone's presence...those voices from the past, they are calling me, they are guiding me....please, please teach me how to control them...focus them...focus myself."

Connercan just sat down for his lunch when he heard a cry through the force. Not being able to focus on his hot lunch, he decided to enter a meditative stance and draw upon the force to see what this cry could be. Falling deeper into meditation he could feel that the cry was from Bao. He must have gone to Tattooine and followed the coordinates I supplied him. Reaching out with the force to touch Bao, Connercan says, "Bao, Bao can you hear me?? If so, I need you to draw upon the force to calm yourself. You have so much to learn, but I need you to calm down and focus. Your training has already begun. For reasons I can not explain right now, I am unable to get to you.

I will be creating a Jedi Holocron and making arrangements to get it to you. Jedi Holocrons are used to store training and knowledge for those able to access the information through the force. When you receive my Holocron, I need you to find a safe, silent place to meditate. Use the force to focus on the Holocron to access it's information. I must go now, but remember this phrase, I'm one with the Force, and the Force is with me." May The Force Be With You!!!

With Bao being new to the force, Master Connercan doesn't want to scare him with the knowledge of order 66 and the Sith, so for now it is best to leave those dangers unspoken until we can meet face to face.

Connercan sets up a meeting with one of his most trusted members of the Jedi Order (LEO Of Light). Stazie, I have great news... Through the force I have been introduced to a Force Sensitive by the name of Bao. I have created a Holocron for him and I need to know if you have any trusted contacts that can deliver it to him safely??

Stazie assures Connercan that she does have a trusted Smuggler friend that can most definitely deliver the Holocron safely to Bao. Connercan gives Stazie a crate that holds the Holocron and instructs her to get it to Bao safely. He also tells Stazie to have her contact tell Bao this Phrase so he knows it is save to meet with her Smuggler friend, I'm one with the Force, and the Force is with me.

Just moments after leaving her meeting with Master Connercan, Stazie reached for her comm device.  She dialed in the numbers of her trusted Smuggler friend and her comm started to chime.  Seconds later a voice rang through, hello Stazie, How are things going in the order??  Sorry Link Aron, I don't have much time for small talk.  I am going to get right to the point.  I have a crate that I need you to deliver.  I need you to comm Bao to set up a delivery.  Master Connercan has a crate that he instructed me to deliver to Bao.  Bao is a force sensitive that Master Connercan was drawn to through the force.

I know Link Aron, not the force again, but this is very important.  You know the dangers that can come to Bao if the 2 of you are discovered handling Jedi affairs.  I need you to set up a secure meeting place to make this exchange.  I am sending over Bao's comm number now.  When you comm him, tell him this phrase so he knows it's safe. I’m one with the Force, and the Force is with me.

Fly to the small planet of Rori and land in the city of Haven to meet with me so we can load the crate on your YT2400.  When can I expect your arrival?

More coming very soon!!!