repetitionNew Life Kung Fu’s purpose is to bring the great art of Chineses Shaolin Kung Fu to the Spartanburg South Carolina area. Shifu Don is committed to each students progress and has a personal interest in their training and development.

Chinese martial arts is described as the combination of your external or physical body  and your internal or spirit. Every student begins there Kung Fu training externally. Meaning you learn how to condition your body, stretching, basic techniques, forms and breathing. By mastering these external techniques a student has a strong foundation and is ready to build upon their skills.

Next the student is introduced to two man forms and weapons. As the student progresses they continue to gain strength, speed and coordination. In learning Shaolin Kung Fu the student also learns about commitment, concentration and self discipline.

As a student continues to grow, they begin to work on the internal or spiritual side of Shaolin Kung Fu known as Qigong.

Shaolin Kung Fu becomes a way of life and is practiced throughout your life.

We welcome students of all ages, but we recommend the student be at least 5-7 years old to begin.

Sifu Don started his Kung Fu training in the Spring of 2005 at the age of 31. His first school was Vo Duong Phi Son Nhan were he learned Vietnamese Shaolin Kung Fu from Grand Master Nguyen.

He continued to build upon his skills learned at Vo Duong Phi Son Nhan and in the winter of 2007 he started training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. He started studying under Shifu Dominick Ruggeri of China Hand Kung Fu. Dominick is a 2nd Degree Black Sash in Shaolin Chuan Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Sifu Don continues his studies in Long Fist under Grandmaster Yang, Jwing-Ming. As well as Wudang Quan under Master Ziji.

Sifu Don feels that Kung Fu is an ever developing skill that keeps the body and mind in tip top shape.