About Me

Owner and instructor

My name is Donald Francis and I started my Kung Fu training in the Spring of 2005 at the age of 31.  My first class was at Vo Duong Phi Son Nhan were I learnedSONY DSC Vietnamese Shaolin Kung Fu from Grand Master Nguyen.

Note the black sash in the picture to the right. In this style of  Vietnamese Shaolin Kung Fu a new student starts as a black sash and finishes as a Grand Master with a white sash. Their ranking structure was reverse of most traditional schools where white sash is the lowest and red or black sash is the highest. I say red or black, because some schools consider red sash the highest apposed to black. Prior to this Kung Fu class I had followed the martial arts since I was a young boy. It was always my passion to one day teach others.

I continued to build upon my skills learned at  Vo Duong Phi Son Nhan and in the winter of 2007 I formally started my training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. I started studying under Shifu Dominick Ruggeri of China Hand Kung Fu. Dominick is a 2nd Degree Black Sash in Shaolin Chuan Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Through Dominick's teachings I was able to receive my certifications in Elementary and Basic Northern Shaolin Chuan. Which included 12 Road Tan Tui, Lien Bu Quan and Gung Li Quan

With the help of Dr. Yang , Jwing-Ming, Shifu Don was able to add to his Long Fist curriculum, Qi Mei Gun, Yi Lu Mai Fu, Shi Zi Tang, Xiao Hu Yan and Qi Xing Dao.

Through further studies Shifu Don was able to add Yin Shou Gun and Shi San Qiang to his curriculum.

With the help of Master Ziji, Shifu Don was able to add Wudang Kung Fu to the curriculum.