When most people think about kung-fu, their mind goes straight to fighting, but kung-fu isn't all about that. Kung-fu is a form of martial arts that can benefit your mind and your body in many different ways. Developing your mind and spirit alongside your body is essential to living a long and healthy life, and kung-fu helps you in doing exactly that. Kung-fu-based exercises are great for developing your flexibility alongside your strength and endurance.

Kung-fu lessons and fitness coaching are great tools to help you achieve your fitness goals. They can provide you with direction and personalized training to guide you. That being said, workouts at home can be really effective too and allow you to stay fit from the comfort of your home. Here are seven ways in which you can kick-start your full body kung-fu workout at home.

Train your mind and spirit alongside your body

Mental and spiritual strength are as crucial to kung-fu as your physical capabilities, and many people ignore this aspect. Exercises that focus on meditation and relaxing your mind help you have a clearer head and relax you. 

Have a realistic workout plan in place

It would be best if you always planned your workouts for the best results. Having a plan ensures that you can give priority to your entire body and manage your workout load better. You always want to work your body to its full potential without putting unnecessary stress on it. Gradually increasing the intensity and time of your workouts can make your workouts much more enjoyable.

Proper warm-up

Before any workout session, getting properly warmed up and getting your body ready is absolutely necessary. A good warm-up session will help ensure that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen by increasing blood flow. This is very important and can prevent muscle injuries and stiffness. On top of this, warm-up can also help ease your heart into your workout. By focusing on slow exercises in the beginning, you allow your heart to increase its BPM slowly, reducing the stress on your heart.

Essential stances

Stances are a big part of kung-fu and can help you develop your kung-fu techniques and are great exercises. Focusing on stances can help you increase your focus, stamina and patience. A prevalent kung-fu stance is the horse stance, and alongside helping you with your endurance and patience, it can also physically help strengthen your thigh muscles. The time you spend in a stance should be relative to how far your training has come, as beginners aren't expected to hold the stance for very long times.


Many people see cardio as a very tiring and a boring part of a workout, but it is very essential for many different reasons. Regular cardio complementing your workouts can help you physically stay in good shape and keep your heart pumping. People who do regular cardio are much more likely to live longer lives than people who don't.

Jumping and flexibility exercises

Exercises that focus on you jumping or improving your flexibility are a big part of kung-fu. Jumping exercises can help develop your endurance and strengthen your legs and thighs. Exercises such as jumping jacks and squats are great examples of this as they are commonly associated with kung-fu exercises. Simple activities such as jump rope are also great in this as they can do a lot physically.


Yoga is one of the best exercises for a kung-fu style workout. There are many physical benefits associated with yoga that would be found in other physical activities, and these can significantly benefit your whole body. Yoga extensively focuses on full body workout and flexibility so you can train and develop your entire body. On top of the physical benefits, yoga also has a lot of mind and spirit benefits associated with it. Meditation can be a big part of yoga, and it can help you feel better mentally. Kung-fu sees physical and mental workouts both being very important, and yoga is perfect in that sense as it combines physical workout and mental workout.