Hello everybody, it is Don with New Life Kung Fu and Fitness and today we are going to be going over the five steps you need to take to start losing body fat to get that weight off Once and for all. So if that interests you at all be sure to stay tuned because we're going to get to it in just a second.

Step one is to get a coach and is that gonna cost you anything? Sometimes yes sometimes no. In my case no, it's not gonna cost you anything. Currently I am coaching people for free.
So it's not gonna cost you a dime.

I'm a member of some Facebook groups and people will post in there that they need to learn how to lose weight. I don't know what to do they say and then we reply, send me a message I'll help you out and then there Crying, because they're like just post information here. We can't, Because you need a coach...

You need a coach okay that's step one get a coach.

All right. So step two.
Step two is accountability. That's why we need a coach you need accountability. You have to be part of a group of people who are in the same situation that you're in and they're going through the same thing that you're going through and that you guys can be accountable to each other. Post in there your pictures and what you're doing, your accomplishments, how much weight you've lost, all those things are accountability that's most important.
It's kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous when you're a member of Alcoholics Anonymous you have to say hello my name is Don and I'm an alcoholic that's your first step. Admitting you have a problem. Like. Hello my name is Don and I'm fat or hello my name is Don and I'm overweight or I need to lose weight.

That's just getting out there and telling the group that you have a problem. The only way you're going to get rid of the problem is to admit you have a problem, okay so over eating stuff like that being overweight, being unhealthy, having health issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol. All these health issues you have those problems you need to stand up and say Hey I've got those problems and I need a coach and I need help.

Okay. So number three.
Number three, this one is important. It's pictures okay pictures. Without pictures it didn't happen.
So let's say you don't take any before pictures and you get a coach, you get accountable and you lose fifty pounds. Well then you don't have any pictures so then you tell people, I lost fifty pounds this is me and well if you don't have any before pictures there not gonna believe you.

So pictures, you need to take pictures. Pictures all the way through your whole journey. Right now in the beginning, in a week from now and every week take pictures of yourself so you can see how you're doing and you can see whether you're losing weight or not. So pictures are important so that's number three.

Number four.
Follow what your coach is telling you. Okay. Do what your coach says. Hey I need you to take some pictures of yourself and post them in the group, then do it!! Don't complain about it just do it.

Number five. This one is also important. Log everything. How you gonna know what's going on if you're not keeping track. Get a notebook and start logging everything. Today I weighed this much.
I did this it's working day two, I did this, I did this. Study your body and Take Notes.

Log everything, where you started, where you are now and pictures, take pictures, that's logging okay.

So again let's go through them number one get a coach number two accountability number three pictures. Number four follow what your coach is telling you to do. And number five. Log everything.

Thanks so much for reading this.
As always stay safe and have yourself a blessed day.