Discover The Power Of Chinese Martial Arts

Discover The Power Of Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts is about more than just exercising. Learn to develop Your Spirit, Your Mind and Your Body!

Taiji and Kung Fu are vastly developed martial arts, and there's many facets to them, adding to their complexity and diversity in exchange for efficiency and applicability.

Tai Chi / Taijiquan

Learning to develop your Spirit!

“To succeed today, you have to set priorities, decide what you stand for.” – Lee Iacocca

Spiritual development is often overlooked! Are you a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Daoist, Atheist or something else? It doesn't matter what you choice to practice, it only matters that you are using something to strengthen your spirit to become an enlightened individual.

A Strong Mind = A Strong Body!

Meditation is as simple as running — our bodies are naturally designed for both activities. However, mastering either requires training and practice.

Meditating is like going to the gym. You will resist it at first, until you build the habit. It will take some time to see the benefits. Unlike exercising, meditation shouldn’t be turned into a challenge — be gentle and aim for small progress.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu Benefits

The development of kung fu in China is most closely associated with the monks of the Shaolin temple. Modern Shaolin monks now tour the world entertaining audiences with extraordinary physical feats. Of course, it takes time to reach this level of mastery, but as Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Learning kung fu offers multiple benefits; all you have to do is begin.

Physical Fitness

Kung Fu helps develop both strength and flexibility, unlike many other workouts which focus on either strength or flexibility. Repeated practice of kicks, punches, and pivots of the hips stretch the entire body and develop flexibility while increasing strength at the same time. Kung Fu training also involve special stretching techniques to increase flexibility in various muscle groups in the body. Health benefits may include lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, strengthening the immune system and improving sleep quality.

Kung Fu Blogs

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